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Renaissance Woman

When I met my wife in 2001, I was drawn to her zest for life.  She has a spirit like none I’ve ever come across.  Beautiful and strong, I fully supported her decision to pursue a career in Emergency Services.  By the time we married two years later she was a professional firefighter.  I knew my life with her would be nothing, if not exciting.  And so began our adventure.

Coming from a family of limited means, my wife learned to sew early on from her mother.  I remember thinking that her sewing skills were a lost art - something young women hardly found the time to learn anymore.  More importantly, though, my wife had a knack for design and creation.  When an interesting piece of clothing came her way, she’d examine it and eventually make her own version at the sewing machine.  And not just a copy - she’d usually make it better or add her own design element.  With a goal in mind, she's never intimidated by the path she has to take to achieve that goal.

A few years later my wife decided to pursue another passion of hers.  She sacrificed time away from our growing family to go to school to become a licensed aesthetician.  She quickly opened her own treatment room, seeing clients on her days away from the fire station.

Lots of Reps

Just after we were married my wife opened an online boutique, making specialty items.  This was far from being a money-maker, but instead gave her the many, many hours of experience she needed to create all sorts of items.  Years later we both became involved in functional fitness and Olympic-style weightlifting.  She needed some supportive wraps for her wrists, and found a few varieties online.  None satisfied her, so she did what she does best - she made some herself, at the quality level she expected.  Then she made a pair for me.  Then a pair for a friend.  And another.  Before long she was sewing and selling these wraps to all the gym-goers we knew.

Quality is Key

In time she took her knowledge as an aesthetician and directed her creativity toward formulating high-quality skin care products.  Products that are effective, and don’t pollute the body - that’s what she is striving for.  The kids and I do our part to test and give feedback - a relationship that keeps the creativity flowing.  And so Dermalicious was formed to provide highly-effective products that promote healthy living.  This is a story full of possibilities...



Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.