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Magnum Mg Trio

Magnum Mg Trio


Magnum Mg is a magnesium lotion that offers you 150 mg of Magnesium per teaspoon. Topical Mg is great for:
✔Restless leg syndrome 
✔Muscle spasms & cramps
✔Morning sickness
✔Psoriasis, eczema & acne
and so much more.  Apply daily and reap the benefits.  Safe for kids - just apply to bottoms of their feet.
Sample pack includes 2 oz. bottles of these variations:
Lavender - just before bed.
Unscented - to go unnoticed.
Peppermint - post-workout with a cooling sensation.
Ingredients: magnesium oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, emulsifying wax, sunflower seed oil, stearic acid, essential oils, optiphen, and vitamin E.

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